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IMA Award - The Outstanding Achievement award is the second highest honor bestowed by IMA and an extremely challenging award to win. Gailor Wallis & Hunt Website (awarded February 2010), under the category 'Legal', has won the IMA Outstanding Achievement Award with an overall score of 467.
IMA Award
Marketing Law Firms, Building a Distinctive Image
At Cepac, we believe that building an image isn't just reserved for big brands
Marketing Law Firms
We specialize in Lawyer Website Design, Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers, Press Release Writing / Distribution for Attorneys including Blog Writing and Management.
Lawyer Website Design
Google SEO
Google SEO
We are a boutique lawyer marketing agency with a mission: to bring the power of big brand advertising to the legal field. We specialize in legal TV advertising and marketing law firms using everything from traditional advertising to Internet promotion for attorneys. We are dedicated to creating value-added marketing strategies and fresh ideas for the legal profession.
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  • Internet Advertising / Marketing using SEO, Social Media, PPC
  • Web Design for Lawyers - Law Firms, Single Attorney Web Site Designs, Media Buying
  • Law Office Print Advertising - Brochures, Postcards, Direct Mail, Magazine Ads, Printing
  • Web 2.0 Social Media using Google guidelines makes our legal web marketing ahead in lawyer lead generation. Just being found on the 1st page of search engines is the story of the past. Conversions take place with social media traffic generation using well crafted web 2.0 design and marketing. See our Press Release on Legal Web marketing using Web 2.0 for the legal industry.
  • Television Advertising
Web Design for Lawyers
We're different from other law firm publicity agencies because Cepac builds relationships with our clients. We're your partners.
We get to know your law firm and work together with you to find the most effective way of reaching your goals. Our clients trust us not only because we know the complexities of law firm advertising and Internet visibility for attorneys, but because we also understand and respect the high standards of the profession. Cepac is a full-service communications company with 20 years of experience branding law firms. Our work has earned the confidence of attorneys and law firms across the nation.
We're your partners.
Custom Web Site Solutions with Search Engine Optimization
At Cepac, we just don’t just create custom web design for lawyers, we also offer web site tools that help you stay ahead of the curve, like our Content Management System, which empowers you with the ability to revise, edit, add news or refresh your own site, at your discretion.
Cepac believes in creating distinctive branding campaigns with a meaningful message. We are committed to building on the image you've worked hard to establish over the years.
Our vision and dedication to promoting law firms is evident in our solid law firm marketing strategies, unique creative solutions and our quality production. We also specialize in Hispanic-Latino targeted marketing.

It's what sets our firm apart from other advertising agencies.
Let us show you how our expertise in law firm advertising, lawyer website design can set you apart.
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Legal Website Design
Legal Website Design - Lawyer Blog Site Design - Custom Attorney Web Design Solutions for Law Firms with Virtual Interview Tool.

Having a web site is a vital component in creating awareness, visibility and access in a world where every business has a web address. A law office web site is a crucial tool in gaining new customers and publicizing the benefits of a law firm's specialty, updates and the latest news. It's hanging a shingle in cyberspace; prime real estate on the information highway.

By having a law office web site, anyone, anywhere can find you at anytime. It's an efficient way to promote and market your legal services to both existing and potential new clients.  The advantage of the web versus traditional media is availability. The web is accessible 24 hours a day.

At Cepac, we've built our business on creating successful law office web site designs. Our seasoned web experts and designers specialize in law office web sites, creating flash web sites for law firms and web design templates for lawyers. Our law office web sites are built to be strategic, attractive, informative and easy to navigate. At Cepac, in addition to designing law office web sites, we also offer hosting, maintenance and newsletters. 

In addition to the flash web sites for lawyers and web design templates we create for our clients, we know that lawyers need more. That's why we also offer the latest in technology. When it cones to managing your law office web site, we make it easy for you - and put you in control.

At Cepac, we just  don't just create web design templates for lawyers, we also offer web site tools that help you stay ahead of the curve, like our Content Management System, which empowers you with the ability to revise, edit, add news or refresh your own site, at your discretion. So you can make sure your law office web site always remains fresh. In addition, we also provide a press kit generator, which allows you or your staff to create and publish articles on your site, whenever you want. We also offer the Case Evaluator, a handy little interactive tool that your staff can use to manage and evaluate the flow of inquiries coming into the office. It's a virtual "interview" of potential clients and their cases.

When it comes to maximizing the Internet we believe marrying quality design and the latest in technology, so your law office web site works as hard as you do.

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