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Online PR for Lawyers-Article Writing and Syndication Influences Prospect Choices

Marketing programs should include online public relations for lawyers to create an authority status to drive new business, reports Cepac lawyer marketing

//Rene Perras/ 11/18/2011

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Prior to the expansion of the power of the Internet and the pervasive way that Google finds and delivers relevant content, one of the common lawyer marketing tactics used to generate new business was public relations (PR). Having a respected source write a story in an authoritative publication about the successful outcome of a case influenced other attorneys to refer cases and also helped predispose injured victims in need of legal help to have a good feeling about the law firm, when and if they could be reached.

As the circulation among various publications has diminished, more and more lawyer marketing professionals have turned to online PR for lawyers to fill the void and take advantage of the psychological impact that reading articles written by attorneys and published on key influence engines can impart. Psychologists refer to one phenomenon that causes readers to be positively influenced as confirmation bias. Confirmation bias refers to the way people search for information and also how they interpret the information they have. A perfect example of this phenomenon is how two people from opposing political parties can watch the same debate on TV and both draw opposite conclusions about who won. And neither one will change their opinion about who to vote for.

Research has shown that consumers tend to search for information and interpret it in a manner that supports their first impression or opinion. That is why it is so important to have an ongoing and consistent marketing program that includes online PR for lawyers. By crafting articles, white papers, blogs and commentary then syndicating the content across the Internet, your lawyer marketing program can help create the perception that your firm is an authority in your areas of practice. The more opportunities that are offered to the news reading public about your firm, the greater the chance to create the favorable perception that influences consumers to believe that you are the right attorney for their case. As they continue their search for information and help, the more times they see your expert content and your website, the more predisposed to take the call to action and contact your firm they will be.

Also important to mention is the recent Google Panda update which makes the use of fresh content, including legal blogs, articles and even videos more important to their algorithm and therefore will also help improve the ranking of your attorney  in the search results. The best content isn't always the best written, the briefest or even the most earth shattering. Quite often it is that which meets the needs of your target audience and provides them with the authoritative answers to their questions about navigating the legal process and why your law firm is the right choice for them.

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