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Lawyer Internet Marketing: Attorneys Can Use Emotion To Their Advantage

Law firms can create better client relationships and new cases, by using emotion to connect with injured victims through attorney marketing.

/// 09/26/2011

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Montreal, Canada (Lawyer Internet Marketing News)---Personal injury lawyers face a wide array of clients who are suffering from a variety of ailments, injuries and emotional stress as the result of an accident. These people are hurting, on the inside and out because of the negligence of others, and lawyers should keep that in mind when creating their attorney marketing messages.

Attorney marketing for personal injury lawyers is unique, because injury attorneys market to people who have been injured, or have become the victim of someone else’s negligence and are in unfamiliar territory. The vast majority of potential clients are scared, worried and have no idea about the services that they seek. It’s the lawyer’s job to make potential clients feel comfortable, relaxed and confident that their law firm will do everything in their power to obtain the justice they deserve.  This is a factor personal injury lawyers can capitalize on to help connect with the target audience and leave them with a lasting, positive impression of your personal injury law firm.

By putting your finger on the pulse of the injured victims, you can effectively use public relations techniques that communicate with potential clients through advertising on a level that will benefit your law firm in the long run. Incorporating emotion, a sense of understanding and feeling that your law firm isn’t just after the next case, but really cares about bringing justice for your clients, is where your law firm can make a deeper connection with potential clients.  It is a fact that no considered purchase, or decision to hire, is made strictly on facts. Many marketers miss the emotional component to their marketing and ultimately fail to make the connection and convert prospects to clients.

In addition to more conventional avenues of attorney marketing like television, radio and targeted direct mail advertising, attorney marketing agencies like Cepac lawyer marketing, have advised law firms to write articles, become a social media presence and actively market on the Internet, while incorporating that emotional approach.

It is likely that an injured person or a family member of someone who suffered a life-threatening or debilitating injury—like a traumatic head injury—is scouring the Internet searching for the best treatments, what their injury means, how it will effect them, and if they have a legal case or not.  Lawyers can capitalize on this by blogging about medical advances, treatments, the legal process and other information related to the field of work your personal injury law firm specializes in. Some potential clients may not even realize they have a case while looking for the most cutting-edge treatments, and by coming across your law firm’s article, they become aware that perhaps they should contact a personal injury lawyer. 

Talking about and showing genuine interest in the issues surrounding your areas of practice can better connect you with potential clients. This shows the injured victim that you care not just about getting a new case, you’re emotionally involved and understand the trials and tribulations your client is experiencing.
About the writer:
Rene Perras is a lawyer Internet marketing consultant, who has worked alongside law firms of all types to help build effective attorney marketing campaigns for over 20 years. For a free consultation, please contact Rene Perras at 720-ONE-RENE or visit

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