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Lawyer Web Marketing: Branding on Google to Rise out of the Internet Cesspool

Becoming an authority on the Web and building a strong law firm Internet brand can set your lawyers apart from the competition.

/// 06/01/2011

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You need to become an authority on the Internet for the legal industry. Branding your law firm online and building your law firm Internet brand will be the key to success on the Web. This is one of the most important pieces of lawyer marketing advice expressed by lawyer web marketing professionals.

The law firm marketing pro’s advice reflects a similar opinion voiced by Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt in an October 2008 Huffington Post article: “The Internet is becoming a ‘cesspool’ where false information thrives... Brands are the solution… Brand affinity is hard wired and fundamental to the human condition – who you trust and who you don’t. People want real value, real information, real leadership..."

Attorneys in particular should be actively building a law firm Internet brand, because just like any other goods or service, consumers want that “real value, real information and real leadership” in their attorneys. By building a law firm Internet brand, your law firm becomes that “trusted source” to potential clients, and someone that they can come to for accurate legal information. In an industry where lawyers are a dime a dozen, a strong law firm Internet brand will have consumers coming to your attorneys before checking out the competition, all because they know that they can trust your law firm’s brand.

Building your law firm Internet brand is easy, when you have the right tools in your lawyer marketing arsenal. The Cepac lawyer marketing professionals say lawyers need three things to begin to create a powerful law firm Internet brand:

1.    A lawyer website
2.    An attorney newsroom/blog
3.    Social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter

A well-designed and properly optimized lawyer website can do wonders for a law firm’s accessibility, exposure and marketing efforts. In today’s society, it is essential for lawyers and every other industry to have a website. The Yellow Pages are virtually dead and gone, and the only option left (which is steadily growing in popularity) is browsing the Web. If your law firm doesn’t have a lawyer website, you cannot be found and hired by potential clients.  Or if your website has substandard navigation or is undistinguishable from your competitors, your law firm will be at an extreme disadvantage.

An architecturally sound and search engine optimized (SEO) lawyer website offering access to the right information, and with the right set of online brand building law firm marketing tools in place, will enable the attorney website to secure competitive page 1 rankings on the Web. If your lawyer website lacks any of these ingredients, the likelihood is that you’re losing potential clients to your competitors. Your law firm logo, URL address and law firm website are the building blocks in creating your law firm Internet marketing brand.

Once you have an SEO lawyer website that has search engine and user-friendly architecture, the next step would be to create a law firm blog, or a Cepac-powered Vision Smart attorney newsroom to give a voice to your attorneys. The private label Vision Smart attorney newsrooms are designed to match the branding elements of your law firm website, so your attorneys can create articles, press releases and announcements, complete with search engine optimization (SEO) features, to broadcast over the Web with a click of a button. By blogging on your newsroom, you can create a clear, credible and constant voice for your law firm by giving prospective clients a sense of security about your legal team’s knowledge. Virtually no other product offers attorneys and law firms this exclusive ability to establish a law firm Internet brand, as well as generating high visibility and improving search engine website rankings.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are also a cohesive element of your law firm Internet brand. Not only are Facebook and Twitter an excellent way to market your law firm, they are also an effective way to get traffic to your lawyer website and create a law firm Internet brand. Through your social media accounts, your law firm can share their attorney newsroom articles, giving more accessibility to your law firm and boosting the “voice” of your attorneys. In addition, social media sites can improve search engine rankings, allowing for higher placement in search results for your lawyer website.
CEPAC, a lawyer marketing and legal advertising agency, offers top-notch lawyer marketing services like newsrooms, social media and advertising campaigns, along with the more traditional lawyer marketing approaches including TV, radio and print advertising.

For more information on how to create a law firm Internet brand, as well as information on lawyer website design, SEO for law firms or Smart News Technology, contact Rene Perras or visit

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