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Lawyer Internet Marketing Tip: Blog Your Way to New Business

Lawyer marketing professional offers insight into why blogging about relevant content can improve search engine rankings in Google for a lawyer website.

//Rene Perras/ 06/09/2011

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Lawyer marketing professionals should take note, as new statistics provided by an eMarketer study estimates that the number of blog readers in the US will reach 122.6 million in 2011. That figure represents more than 53% of Internet users.

While blog reading continues to grow at a rapid pace, social networks such as Twitter have also grown in stature for Internet users to share information and use as one of the key means of communication.

If your law firm has not yet adopted blogging as a way to capture new potential clients, there is no time like the present. By covering relevant subjects important to their quest for knowledge in an arena in which they are both afraid and intimidated, your lawyer marketing program can gain a boost in both the search engine rankings and in the eyes of prospects by enabling their search efforts for an attorney.

Blogging adds fresh relevant content to your website and articles or news stories that are syndicated across the web creates valuable link baiting opportunities to attract back links to your lawyer website without having to pay for them, spend huge amounts of time or risk hooking up with a link farm. It helps to write earlier in the week and to get a jump on news that is important to your prospects and clients. First out of the gate usually gets the best boost and pickups across the web.

It is also helpful to your lawyer marketing efforts if you are one of the first attorneys in your geographical sphere of influence to begin blogging and become an authority before your competition. That can also be achieved by carefully selecting the topics and news that you write about.

Cepac lawyer marketing offers a proprietary private label newsroom platform, called Smart News Technology, which works like a legal blog on steroids. Not only does it provide tips and tools to optimize your writing to provide the best chance for pickup on the web, it syndicates your articles, firm news and press releases across a wide array of newswire partners, including Google news. In addition to creating fresh content for your website, the link baiting opportunities are incredible helping to improve your search engine results for both your lawyer website and your articles. Blogging on its own still adds pages and content to your website, but in order to increase your lawyer website traffic and increase conversions it is important to be found and to develop credibility and stature.

For more information on Cepac lawyer marketing, Smart News Technology and our other marketing programs for attorneys, contact Rene Perras.


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