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Law Firm Advertising: Can Google Instant Preview Kill the Click for Lawyer Ads?

Click-through rates can still be increased, even though consumers can get a glimpse of a law firm marketing landing page before making the click with Google Instant Preview.

/// 07/01/2011

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(Law Firm Advertising News)-- Speculation is swirling whether “Google Instant Previews,” will be the death of the click, which is an important component that law firm Web marketing companies use in their lawyer Internet marketing campaigns. 

Google Instant Preview gives consumers a glimpse of what comes after the click of a law firm search ad without having to actually click on the law firm pay-per click ad itself. Now, consumers can just click on a magnifying glass alongside the law firm landing page, per-per-click ad and in the search engine results pages (SERP); this allows a window to pop up giving potential clients a glimpse of what is to come if they decided to click on that law firm search ad.

For lawyers this means potential clients can see what your law firm landing page looks like before ever clicking on it, allowing consumers to make a snap judgment right then and there, as to whether or not they actually want to continue on past the click of the law firm search ad. This ultimately means more transparency for potential clients, but fewer clicks for Google, explains the attorney marketing professionals at Cepac lawyer marketing.

Many lawyer Internet marketing campaigns involve placing ads on Google, which is where the importance of the “click” comes in.  If consumers can see that your law firm landing page is of poor quality and isn’t relevant enough to continue on, chances are they won’t make the click, which causes the lawyer advertising firm to lose lawyer Internet traffic and potential revenue.

Lawyer Internet marketing campaigns can fix that by creating interesting, engaging and thought-provoking ads which transition onto a quality landing page that fulfills the promise of the ad and continues to market to the potential client after the click. If your law firm landing page is relevant to a potential client, they will likely continue onto your lawyer website to learn more about your legal practice and attorneys, which can turn into new inquires and cases.  Law firms should have multiple landing pages and ads to test the success of each. Split testing of  lawyer landing pages can help determine which is the most successful.

Ultimately, if your law firm ad appears on a consumers search, it’s because they are searching for legal representation. Searching for a lawyer is not an impulse buy, so pull them in with a compelling advertisement and a targeted landing page that generates more qualifying clicks. By incorporating these two elements into your law firm pay-per-click campaign, your law firm can actually increase click through rates, rather than minimizing them.

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