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Google Universal For Lawyer Marketing. Attorneys Can Benefit Says Rene Perras

Rene Perras - CEPAC Lawyer Marketing Consultant / VP West Palm Beach, Florida ( — On May 16th, 2007, Google announced a new search algorithm called “Google Universal.”

/// 05/27/2008

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Prior to the invention of Google Universal, when one queried a search term in Google, Google returned web pages as part of search results. With the announcement of Universal, Google will now return:

  • Web Pages
  • Photos / Images
  • You Tube Videos

Google’s ultimate vision is to be able to search all sources of data, and deliver better fetched results.

In an example given by Google:

“For example, a user searching for information on the Star Wars character Darth Vader is likely interested in all the information related to the character and the actor – not just web pages that mention the movie. Google will now deliver a single set of blended search results that include a humorous parody of the movie, images of the Darth Vader character, news reports on the latest Lucas film, as well as websites focused on the actor James Earl Jones – all ranked in order of relevance to the query. Users no longer have to visit several different Google search properties to find such a wide array of information on the topic.”

What does this mean for your business?

Rene Perras, Vice President of a organic search engine optimization company that specializes in lawyer marketing for personal injury lawyers, demystifies the essentials for effective web marketing mix:

  1. Now, injury lawyers will need to focus on adding quality content such as optimized images and videos to deliver better results.
  2. Since the Google index has a bigger challenge of maintaining quality content, attorneys must hire professionals to manage the web site assets and marketing for the web. Gone are the days when web marketing was handled by IT departments as new technologies now involve blending of vast types of data. IT departments must now work with web designers, web usability engineers, search engine optimization professionals, and video production teams to deliver content to fit Google Universal needs.
  3. Attorneys must also provide new content in shapes of web-based search engine optimized press releases with images, videos and social media integrations to get wider coverage.
This is just the beginning with the initial phase of Universal search. The tool is ready and working for Google users which is available for the people searching in English, but will soon be available in all languages to make Universal search easier to be used by searchers worldwide.

About CEPAC - Lawyer Marketing

CEPAC specializes in developing web-marketing strategies that are favored by the Google Universal program. They have achieved quantifiable results for attorneys in the areas of: Trial law, personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, construction accident, car wrecks, family and divorce lawyers.

The company has also developed a proprietary system that delivers information like a content iceberg delivering long results for large keywords and phrases. For information about our Google Universal Program contact: Rene Perras at: 561-346-2586 or visit http:/

“Just as Google is responsible to deliver quality, CEPAC lawyer marketing is ensuring that we help build quality content of all types to be a better purveyor for legal content delivery.” Kevin Quinlan, Chief Executive, CEPAC

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