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At Cepac, we're committed to taking legal advertising to a higher level.
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Clarity Versus Creativity-You Decide

Legal Branding Expert on creativity vs clarity debate

/// 09/04/2008

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West Palm Beach, South Florida ( — As the year rapidly passes, we like to tally up what we’ve learned in the last few months about advertising. We don’t learn something brand new every year. But often we re-learn a lesson that bears repeating. Take the issue of creativity for example.

When we talk with our clients, the term creative approach invariably comes up. What will the advertising look and feel be? Will there be a theme? How will it stand out? How will it be creative or clever?

While those questions are important, they can’t be answered until we figure out what the advertising message is. Once we define the consumer proposition (do this in order to get these benefits), we can then search for a look, feel and tone to carry that all-important message.

If we started the other way around, in pursuit of clever, we might end up with one of those commercials that makes everybody laugh but leaves no one in command of the marketing message, or even the marketer’s name.

So, the lesson? Clarity of message is first and creativity is second. We think the role of creativity is to build a fresh, attractive carrier for that finely honed message. First-class execution is, of course, a must.

If results are what you’re after, take the time to formulate a clear consumer proposition. Cepac is here to help and to devise a creative approach that works with the message and for your ROI.

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At Cepac, we're committed to taking legal advertising to a higher level. We understand the growing need for branding and strategic marketing for lawyers. That's why we're here. We're law firm marketing consultants and more. Creating compelling marketing and advertising for the legal profession is not just our business, it's our passion.