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Attorney Website Design: Law Firm Website Mistakes Attorneys Can Avoid

Its easy to make law firm website design mistakes that could cost your law firm money if your attorney website isn’t built properly

/// 07/19/2011

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(Attorney Website Design News)--- For attorneys the days of focusing your total lawyer advertising budget exclusively in the Yellow Pages are long gone and the Internet has taken its place as the go to spot to search and find relevant information on your law firm. The difference between a well-executed attorney website design and an attorney website with poor law firm website architecture is in the number of potential clients your attorney website succeeds in converting into  calls or form submissions, resulting in the hiring of your law firm.

In today’s society your attorney website design is the single most important law firm marketing element, not only because people are turning to the Internet to search for a lawyer; consumers are looking for more than just a listing—they want to learn about your law firm before deciding to pick up the phone.

Without an experienced lawyer marketing company that knows how to build a top quality law firm website design, your law firm could make mistakes that could cost you valuable business.

Some common attorney website design mistakes include:

• Failing to stand out from the competition: If your attorney website design is out-dated, of poor quality and doesn’t offer the potential client anything to look at and become engaged in, then it is likely they will click off just as fast as they clicked on. Your law firm website design needs to eye-catching and draw the potential client in, piquing their interest so that they will want to continue exploring your attorney website.

• Failure to employ consumer engagement: Lets face it, if your attorney website design doesn’t offer the potential client something to look at or become engaged in, such as lawyer web videos and social media connections; the potential client can become bored and move on to the next attorney website, which employs such tools.

• Weak content: Content is one of the most important factors in your attorney website design. A quality attorney website has content that educates the potential client about your law firm, your practice areas, verdicts and settlements and an array of other information. Potential clients are visiting your attorney website to learn more about your law firm, your expertise and what your legal expertise are, so give the potential client an incentive to pick up the phone and call.

• Hiding important information:
What’s the point of having a top-notch law firm website design if the potential client cant find your law firm’s contact info? Make sure your law firm’s phone numbers, email, and address is front and center and easy to locate.

• Failing to have user-friendly navigation: No one wants to scour an attorney website looking for information, it will only discourage the potential client and increase your attorney website click-through rates. Having simple user-friendly navigation buttons on your attorney website makes the overall user experience of your attorney website a well-rounded one, because potential can easily find and access legal information, contact information, past settlements, and information about your attorneys.

At CEPAC lawyer marketing we are experienced in developing law firm website designs that build the foundation for positive attorney-client relationships. CEPAC-engineered lawyer marketing websites are consumer and SEO friendly, giving your law firm website the fastest possible website that can be found on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Working with a team like CEPAC lawyer marketing, that is cognizant of the user experience and expert in search engine optimization and marketing for law firms will ensure that your firm has the best possible chance to grow your business now and into the future.

For more information on lawyer website designs contact Rene Perras or visit

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