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Attorney SEM: Local SEO Tactics for Mobile Web Can Pay Off Big for Lawyers

Location-based services can help direct potential smartphone-using clients to your law firm, reports Cepac, an SEO company for law firms

/// 09/26/2011

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New York, NY (Attorney SEM News)--If you don’t have a computer or you’re on-the-go, the evolution in technology has made it possible for consumers to access the Internet from virtually anywhere via their smartphones, like Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android. Because of the ability to connect to the World Wide Web from any location, it has become even more crucial for law firms to utilize mobile search engine optimization (SEO) so potential clients can find your law firm locally via their smartphones.

Mobile SEO is a new form of traditional SEO. Mobile search engines use different bots and algorithms than Web SEO, which evaluate your website as if it was being rendered on a mobile phone, and than rank search engine results partially based on how well the page will load on the type of phone (i.e. iPhone, Android, Samsung etc.) that submitted the query to the search engine.
Nearly 60 percent of those relying on smartphones use at least one location-based service, according to a new Pew study. These location-based services—like Google Local, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, Around Me, Neer and Loopt—can help consumers find places and businesses in that consumer’s area by locating the user and returning searches with local restaurants and other nearby storefronts—like law firms. Furthermore, the study showed the key demographic group of 18 to 49-year-olds, are even more likely to rely on location-based services to find businesses. This group of consumers is a particularly important demographic for lawyers, because they are a tech-savvy, smartphone-using group who are also drivers and working individuals that may be the most likely to be involved in an injury or fatal accident.

It’s apparent that the mobile Web is an up-and-coming avenue for consumers to access the Internet, which is why hiring an SEO company for law firms that thoroughly understands mobile SEO is crucial in tapping into this market.

You never know when you’re going to need a lawyer. Traffic accidents, slips-and-falls, injuries and other incidents can occur at anytime, any place—which is why being found locally through location-based attorney search engine marketing (SEM) tactics is so important. Attorney SEO marketing efforts include an array of approaches, but the most common include mobile-Web compatible lawyer websites, mobile-Web friendly tags, content, mobile site maps and implementing coding that is adaptable to both the World Wide Web and Mobile Web.

In the minutes following an injury or fatal accident, a victim is dazed and confused—not to mention scared—and may decide to consult with a lawyer directly from the accident scene via their smartphone, through location-based services, to ensure they are covering all their legal bases. This is where hiring an experienced SEO company for law firms can result in your law firm acquiring new, and potentially lucrative cases.

Once a potential client locates your law firm from their smartphone, with or without the help of a location-based service, it is even more important that your lawyer website is mobile Web compatible. Having a mobile Web friendly lawyer website gives the smartphone user a better experience while visiting your attorney website. Easier navigation and access to your lawyer website—with all of your law firm’s contact information readily accessible—will keep that potential client on your lawyer website due to convenience of viewing your information. If your lawyer website is not mobile Web compatible, it can take longer to load, will be harder to find and view your law firm’s information which creates frustration with potential clients, who will likely give up and move on to the next law firm—which employs a mobile friendly attorney website.

About the writer:
Rene Perras is an attorney search engine marketing consultant, who has helped law firms of all types with search engine optimization (SEO) for over 20 years. For a free consultation, please contact Rene Perras at 720-ONE-RENE or visit Cepac.com.

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