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Lawyer Marketing Tip: TV Advertising is Still a Great Bet To Grow Your Practice

Lawyer marketing expert: TV spots for attorneys should be part of your law firm's marketing program to support your lawyer website & Internet marketing

//Rene Perras/ 06/21/2011

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While many lawyer marketing firms tout the benefits of putting all of your eggs in the Internet marketing basket, there is still great value and a vast amount of prospects that can be reached and persuaded using TV advertising for attorneys.

A recent Wall Street Journal article forecasts "the U.S. TV advertising market to grow steadily for the next half decade and continue to capture a dominant share of total U.S. ad spending." Consumers are spending more time browsing the Internet and utilizing smart phones, Ipads and other interactive devices, but it seems like the real losers are newspapers, magazines and other print media.

Internet marketing companies have been trying to attract TV advertisers as a way to grow their market share and keep pace with the rapidly growing uptick in time spent online by consumers. While they have been successful in increasing major advertisers' commitment to the Internet as an important medium, much of the revenue has been taken from print media, as TV advertising remains a powerful force because of its "wide reach and the storytelling potential of TV spots." The largest TV advertisers remain committed in spite of the fact that TV has a declining viewership for one reason only- TV works.

If you have considered adding TV spots for attorneys to your lawyer marketing program, now might be a good time to move forward. In conjunction with strong law firm Internet marketing initiatives, including SEO for lawyers and social media, your law firm can develop a synergistic approach and create support for the different elements through your media mix.

TV can help drive traffic to your lawyer website or instigate a web search for your firm. Well-crafted high production value TV spots can personalize your law firm and open the door for consumers to take the next step. By properly designing and constructing your website to offer an excellent user experience, you can help consumers in your geographic area of influence make the decision to contact your firm. TV reaches large numbers of consumers and can help boost your law firm's top-of-mind awareness so that when the need for a law firm arises, your law firm's name can be among the first that come to mind.

TV advertising for lawyers is not a quick fix; the benefits come from a consistent ongoing message that remains on the air over time. The same is also true for SEO for lawyers. Results come from making the appropriate commitment to a robust and ongoing program with SEO professionals steeped in Internet marketing for lawyers.

For more information on how Cepac can help you create and integrate TV campaigns for lawyers with law firm SEO and social media, or details on developing a lawyer website, contact Rene Perras.


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