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Lawyer Marketing: My Law Firm Has the Facebook ‘Likes’—Now What?

Law firm marketers using social media for lawyers are educating attorneys on how to turn Facebook “likes” into new clients.

/// 06/20/2011

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As the experts at Cepac lawyer marketing have said before, Facebook is here to stay and it’s the direction Internet marketing is headed; so make sure your law firm builds a strong lawyer Internet presence on the social networking site. Law firms have done this by effectively accumulating “likes,” which are votes of confidence from other social media users.

The iconic thumbs-up button has essentially become an international symbol for “I like this product or service and you should too.” But, now that your law firm has hundreds, of “likes”— you maybe asking now what?

Your law firm should think of getting a “like” on your law firm Facebook page as the kickoff in a sporting event—You still have a lot of work to do before your law firm wins the game and ultimately makes it to the Super Bowl.

Sure consumers “liked” your law firm page for one reason or another, but you should ask yourself: “What is my law firm doing to keep these confident consumers engaged in my law firm’s brand, and how can I get people talking about my attorneys?”

1. Law Firm Facebook Posts are not Limited to Business Hours: Many consumers are not able to check their Facebook news feeds until after the workday is done, and have some time to relax. This means many potential clients could be missing your messages if you limit posts to only business hours. If potential clients don’t see your law firm’s posts, they cannot become involved in your law firm’s brand, which may lead them to hire your firm.  

In addition, it is likely that potential clients don’t always check your law firm’s Facebook page everyday, looking for new posts or information as they progress through the decision making process. You need to be creating posts throughout the day and evening that will funnel onto the potential client’s Facebook news feed, and be placed directly in front of the prospect’s eyes.

“Companies that post content on their Facebook pages outside normal business hours see engagement rates that are 20% higher than average, according to data from Facebook marketing software company Buddy Media,” Ad Age reported.

2. Give Potential Clients Something Interesting to Read:
Lawyers can do this by posting simple legal advice, statistics, case results, and other news that pertains to your field of legal practice. If your posts are consistently “hire us” oriented, your engagement level with consumers will dramatically diminish and your marketing efforts may be wasted. So give the potential clients something engaging and interesting to read that is worthy enough for them to share with friends.

3. Don’t Leave Out Your Lawyer Web Videos: Facebook’s interactive features allow law firms to upload their lawyer Web videos directly onto their law firm Facebook page, creating an avenue other than YouTube in which attorneys can feature their lawyer Web videos for a potential client pool. Lawyer Web videos help potential clients become more familiar and comfortable with your law firm, because you’re providing a face to the law firm name and brand. Testimonials, Q & A’s, advice, and your law firm television commercial spots are great ways to incorporate your lawyer Web videos into your attorney’s social media campaign.

CEPAC, a lawyer marketing and legal advertising agency, is a leader in the law firm marketing arena. Cepac offers effective social media campaigns, which implement proven tactics to help transition social media users into new clients and cases. Cepac not only maintains your social media accounts, but implements strategic tactics that will place your law firm’s brand among relevant blogs and conversations, which link back to your law firm website.

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