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Lawyer Marketing: Internet Radio is the Interactive Way for Lawyers to Advertise

Lawyer Internet marketing campaigns can reach clients beyond broadcast radio, with a more interactive approach: Internet radio.

/// 07/07/2011

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(Lawyer Marketing News)--For many car accident lawyers advertising on the radio has been the way to go. By advertising on the radio, you’re able to keep your law firm’s name in front of your target audience in a setting where they may potentially need to hire your attorneys.

We have all heard the catchy car wreck lawyer radio commercials reminding you if you have been in car accident to call the law firm of John Doe. But lawyer marketing on the radio waves goes further than broadcast radio; Internet radio is steadily becoming a popular way to listen to music and advertise your law firm, and it’s something law firm marketers should be keeping their eye on.

While broadcast radio remains the number one choice for consumers, Internet radio is growing in popularity and preference. It has been estimated that “37.5% of US internet users ages 12 and up will listen to internet radio—including online streaming of terrestrial broadcasts and online-only radio stations—or podcasts at least weekly this year. On a monthly basis, 44.3% of web users will tune in to online radio,” reported eMarketer.

In addition, eMarketer estimates that nearly 80 million Internet users will tune in to Internet radio stations weekly in 2011. That number is expected to double to 158 million by 2015, due to a technology innovation that allows radio streaming through smartphones and Wi-Fi connected in-dashboard players.

For law firm marketing companies this is a new burgeoning medium to market their attorneys. While it may still take some time for Internet radio to develop into a powerful law firm marketing tool; it is definitely an attorney advertising avenue that lawyers should be keeping an eye on.

Lawyers should eventually take advantage of the interactive medium of Internet radio, because unlike broadcast radio, Internet radio can be accessed in more ways then your car radio or home stereo. Internet radio can be accessed via voice command in cars, via mobile phones, PCs and even TVs; thus creating more settings in which the potential clients can come into contact with your lawyer radio commercial. In addition, Internet radio is available in on-demand formats, which allow for more creative and interactive connections with your target audience—and for lawyers a new case—a new client.

The interactive format of Internet Radio also allows attorney radio commercials to incorporate a law firm marketing video along with the commercial to keep your potential clients engaged in your law firm’s message. In addition, since your target audience is listening to Internet radio and are connected to the Web, feel free to give a shameless plug to your lawyer website to give them a call to action after listening to the law firm radio commercial.

“There are a range of visual opportunities in the online radio industry that creative directors should pay attention to…these websites host videos, rich media and banner ads that music enthusiasts will see—and some will engage with. Impressions go beyond the audio portion of the listening experience,” stated Lisa E. Phillips, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report, “The Internet Radio Audience: Personalized, Mobile and Targetable.”

In addition, Internet radio providers like Pandora have a registration form for consumers who use their services, which collects demographic data about its listeners, giving lawyer marketering agencies more precise ad targeting capabilities. This ensures that your law firm’s “San Francisco car accident lawyer” radio commercial isn’t playing in New York, far away from your target demographic and area.

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