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Lawyer Marketing: Facebook Proves Yet Again it’s the Top Spot for Advertising

Facebook is a leading arena for law firm display ads, as the numbers speak for themselves.

/// 07/01/2011

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(Lawyer Marketing News)--Yet again Facebook has come out on top of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL as the number one site for U.S. display advertising impressions. With 346.4 billion "impressions," or views of display ads, Facebook claimed has claimed a third of the 1.11 trillion display ads delivered to U.S. Internet users in the first three months of this year, according to comScore.

These results even trump Facebook’s own impressive stake in display ads in the third quarter of 2010, when the social media site captured 23 percent of all Internet display ads, resulting in 297 billion ad impressions; which is more than Google, Microsoft, Fox and Yahoo sites combined.

“What lawyers will come to realize is that Facebook isn’t just a website to reconnect with friends and family, it’s a powerful tool to have in your law firm marketing arsenal. Not only can you gain exposure for your law firm, you can form relationships that can benefit your lawyer marketing campaign as a whole,” stated CEPAC lawyer marketing specialist Rene Perras.

It is becoming apparent that there are an astounding number of people who are on the social media sites that are being exposed to the law firm display ads. If consumers are seeing your law firm display ads on Facebook, it is likely that some of these need-driven consumers will migrate to your Facebook page as well. 

For many law firms the display ads are also a way to get consumers to visit their Facebook page and “like” it, giving them a “vote of confidence” that will be broadcasted to the consumer’s network of friends, thus creating exposure and visibility for attorneys. That “like” of your law firm Facebook page sends a notice to all of the consumer’s friend’s Facebook walls stating, “Danny liked the New York Personal Injury Law firm of John Doe.” If someone in his or her network needs a lawyer, and sees this posting, it will basically act like a recommendation to that user.

In addition, search algorithms are moving in the social media direction. Now more than ever, search engines like Bing are taking Facebook “likes” into consideration when ranking websites on search engine results pages (SERP). The more “likes” you have, the better your law firm website will rank on Bing. Facebook is essentially a link that can drive your entire lawyer Internet marketing campaign.

“Facebook didn’t claim nearly a third of all U.S. display advertising impressions because no one was looking, so why not take advantage of it and build a law firm Internet marketing campaign that incorporates Facebook,” CEPAC lawyer marketing specialist Rene Perras explained.

CEPAC, a lawyer marketing and legal advertising agency, is a leader in the law firm marketing arena. Cepac offers effective social media campaigns, which implement proven tactics to help transition social media users into new clients and cases. Cepac not only maintains your social media accounts, but implements strategic tactics that will place your law firm’s brand among relevant blogs and conversations, which link back to your law firm website.

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