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Law Firm Social Media: Could Your Attorneys Be Guilty of Social Media Sins?

Without the guidance of an experienced attorney marketing agency, your law firm could be making common social media mistakes.

/// 08/08/2011

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(Law Firm Social Media News)--Attorney marketing companies like Cepac lawyer marketing, that utilize social media for lawyers, recommend that law firms start building a presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to increase their personal social media network; but your law firm could be committing several “social media sins” without even realizing it.

Social media for lawyers is one thing that the old cliché, “build it and they will come,” doesn’t apply to. Building your law firm social media page is the easy part, but acquiring followers, leads, inquiries and directing potential clients to your social media page is where the heavy lifting comes in.

Without the guidance of a knowledgeable and proven attorney marketing agency, your law firm could be making costly and detrimental mistakes in your law firm social media campaign. Some common law firm social media mistakes include:

· Just because your law firm has a social media page, doesn’t mean you’ll get followers:
Just because you built a social media page doesn’t mean your firm will begin accumulating followers. Building and then abandoning your law firm social media page will lead to inactivity and a loss of followers, who become disengaged and forget all about your law firm when they need to hire an attorney. Attorney marketing campaigns using social media for lawyers requires many hours of work to build a potential client base. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your law firm social media presence won’t be either.

· Failing to have consumer interaction:
People visiting your law firm social media page are there because they are interested in learning more about your attorneys. If no one from your law firm is answering questions or becoming involved in discussions, potential clients will lose interest and confidence, before moving on to the next law firm social media page; possibly causing your law firm to lose a new lucrative case.

· Losing your cool: You can’t control what others say on Facebook or Twitter about your law firm, so keep your cool. Refrain from making unprofessional comments that you will regret. Employing public relations tactics to handle the negative comments in a professional manner will help your attorneys to soften the negative comments, while still making your law firm look good.

· Believing that social media site maintenance is something that can be done on your free time: Law firm social media pages need regular maintenance and updates. This law firm social media tactic is not something you can do in your spare time; it’s a full-time job. Your law firm needs to generate conversations, buzz and engagement to keep people coming back and to gain new followers. Failure to properly maintain your law firm social media page can result in a loss in followers and confidence.

· Failing to develop the proper social media network: This is the biggest and most important social media sin lawyers can make. Failing to have the right type of followers will not help your lawyer social media efforts, as well as your lawyer search engine optimization or lawyer SEO, as this is the crux of the problem. What most law firm marketing efforts fail to recognize is that SEO is the thread that connects all of the elements, web pages, images, videos, PR, articles announcements and social media on the Internet. .

The legal advertising team at Cepac lawyer marketing is skilled at creating and implementing top-notch law firm social media campaigns, which target relevant consumers, turning “friends” into clients. Cepac lawyer marketing offers effective social media campaigns that utilize proven tactics to build your law firm visibility, awareness and client base.

For more information on Cepac lawyer marketing or law firm social media campaigns contact Rene Perras or visit Cepac.com.


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